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Classification and introduction of scissor lifts
- Jul 24, 2018 -

Scissor lifts are a common type of lifting and landing platform, and are also widely used lifting equipment, widely used in stations, docks, squares, workshops, warehouses, etc.

Scissor lifts can be divided into: {manual traction scissor lifts}, {fixed scissor lifts} {self-propelled scissor lifts} and many other categories.

Manual towing scissor lifts, mainly relying on manpower or forklift traction to complete the lift movement, it mainly relies on 380V, 220V, generators, diesel engines, etc. to control the lifting, diversification of the lifting method, the scope of use is not limited, is the workshop maintenance Guardian.

A fixed scissor lift is a lifting device that transports goods between floors. The structure is sturdy, the design is reasonable, the appearance is elegant, and the lifting is stable. The equipment is equipped with a tubing explosion-proof device and a fall arrest device, which is safe and durable. It is a commonly used fixed lifting device.

The self-cutting forklift does not have any external force control equipment to walk and lift, and it has flexible movement and good steering performance. The lifting is also convenient, and the single person can control the equipment to move up and down to complete the single person operation. Save labor and material resources. It is a new type of lifting platform.