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Construction Hoist function
- Sep 25, 2017 -

Construction hoist is also called construction elevator, can become an outdoor elevator, construction site lifting cage. The elevator is mainly used in high-rise and high-rise buildings, because such a building height for the use of the well, gantry to complete the operation is very difficult. [1] is often used in construction of manned loading construction machinery, mainly used in high-rise building interior and exterior decoration, bridges, chimneys and other construction. Because of its unique box structure allows the construction staff to ride up both comfortable and safe. Construction lifts are usually used in conjunction with tower cranes on site. The general construction hoist carrying weight at 1-10 tons, running speed of 1-60m/min. There are many kinds of construction lifts, according to the operation mode: No pair weight and two kinds of weight, divided into manual control and automatic control mode. According to the actual need can also add frequency conversion device and PLC control module, in addition, can add floor call device peace layer device.