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Hydraulic lift mechanical equipment maintenance and repair:
- Jan 20, 2018 -

1. The agencies of the brakes should always check and adjust the brake shoe and brake wheel clearance to ensure flexible and reliable. In the friction surface, there should be no dirt, in case of dirt must be washed with gasoline or thinner. The company is located in:

2. Gearbox, gearbox, external gear and other parts of the lubrication and hydraulic oil are in accordance with the requirements of the lubrication table. 

3 should pay attention to check the ministries have broken wire and loose stock phenomenon. If more than the relevant provisions must be immediately renewed. Wire rope maintenance should be strictly in accordance with the provisions of gb5144-85. The company is located in:

4. Always check the connection of the ministries, if loose should be tightened. The body connecting bolts should be checked when the body pressure tightness (the method can be used to create a rotating arm pressure), all connected to the shaft must have a cotter pin, and to be fully open. The company is located in:

5. Often check whether the normal operation of various agencies, with or without noise, if found fault, must be promptly excluded. The company is located in:

6. When installing, disassembling and adjusting the slewing mechanism, pay attention to ensure that the center line of the slewing gear reducer is parallel to the centerline of the gear. Its mating surface is not less than 70% and the meshing clearance is suitable. The company is located in:

7. Always check all the wires, cables for damage. To promptly dressing and replacement to damage the part. The company is located in:

8. Encountered a motor overheating phenomenon to stop in time, troubleshooting and then continue to run, the motor bearing lubrication to be good. 

9. All parts of the brush, the contact surface to be clean, adjust the brush pressure, the contact area of not less than 50%. 

10. Hydraulic lifts of the control box, power distribution boxes, etc. are often kept clean, timely cleaning of electrical equipment dust.