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Hydraulic lifting platform should be how to maintain
- Jan 18, 2018 -

Rollers, countershafts and bearings, cylinder pin and bearing, boom hinge and bearings, etc. Are there any wear?

All parts of hydraulic lifting platform are filled with some lubricants to extend bearing life.

Hydraulic oil and oil level. Lifting platform throughout the rise, in this position, the hydraulic floor should be higher than the bottom 40 to 50 mm. If it is found that the hydraulic oil darkens, sticky or gravel and other foreign objects, should be promptly replaced (32 # hydraulic oil).

Check all hydraulic pipes and fittings. The pipe can not be damaged, the connector can not be loose, all the connectors must be tightened.

Remove and disassemble the drop valve, purge the plunger with compressed air, load it, and reattach it.

Discard the hydraulic oil, tighten the connector to remove the oil filter, clear, clean with compressed air, and then back to the tank, and connect the pipeline. (Replace with new oil, do not continue to use old oil, or moving parts in the system will accelerate wear.)