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Safety operation specifications for large rotary lifting platforms
- Dec 18, 2018 -

1. The lifting platform should generally start the lower arm, then the lifting arm, and finally the upper arm. During the lifting operation of the lifting platform, it must be rotated after the lifting and lifting of a certain height. The rotation should be slow, and pay attention to the shear arm and platform pair. Whether the distance of each device meets the security needs.

2. The operating platform of the working vehicle lifting platform must start the lifting platform after performing various inspections and maintenance according to the maintenance regulations of the mechanical equipment. Before working, check the working range of the lifting platform to remove obstacles that hinder the rotation and walking of the lifting platform.

3. Support is an important preparatory work for the operation of the lifting platform. The ground should be selected. If the foundation is soft or undulating, it must be matted with a sleeper before it can work.