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Scissors fixed lifting platform performance
- Jan 20, 2018 -

Scissor lift platform directly from the ground lifting loading and unloading, without the need to set another cargo platform, steel frame, the professional design of the activities of the lap can be smoothly lap with the truck compartment, forklifts, hand trucks can be quickly and smoothly loading and unloading operations After the operation, the platform is level with the ground and does not occupy the ground space, and does not affect the passage of the channel. And has excellent superior performance:

1, with a safety device to prevent overloading of the lifting platform;

2, there is to prevent the hydraulic tubing rupture of the protection valve;

3, with a sudden power outage emergency drop device;

4, the upper and lower floors of the door and the control system interlocking safety devices;

Lifting platform for the production line height difference between the delivery of goods, the material down the assembly line, the workpiece assembly to adjust the working height, height to the machine feeding, large equipment assembly parts lifting, storage and handling facilities and forklifts and other moving vehicles supporting goods fast Handling and so on. Therefore, according to their own desired height, width, select the appropriate machinery. When its own environment is common, you can choose a single scissors, when the table width is larger, you can choose a large table double scissors (LZP8020, LZP8040, LZP8000), when the height is higher than the normal use of the environment can choose double scissors (LZP3010 / 3020/3040) or four scissors (LZP4040 LZP4080). Lifting platform, when you do not know how to choose when you can inquire, we will provide professional help.