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There are no need to pay attention to the lifting platform for a long time.
- Aug 27, 2018 -

First, the topcoat: If the lifting platform does not need to be parked in the open air environment for a long time, the rain, dew, river dust, etc. in the environment will have different effects on the topcoat. Generally speaking, the rainwater is now acidic, and the chemical composition of the topcoat will cause some decomposition. The long-term erosion of sand dust under the force of the wind scratches the paint, causing a certain loss. It is recommended that the user place the lifting platform equipment in a closed dry warehouse.


Second, hydraulic oil: We also know that in the elevator, the fuel tank and the tubing are usually stocked with hydraulic oil. If the lifting platform is parked in one place for a long time, the hydraulic oil can not be circulated by criminal police. Over time, the phenomenon of oil deterioration occurs in the rescue. If you do not change the hydraulic oil at this time and use it directly, it will be very harmful to both the hydraulic cylinder and the pumping station power unit. It is recommended that the user do not need to lift the platform for a long time, and replace the hydraulic oil at the next use (to judge the hydraulic oil replacement principle, the oil color becomes dark, the oil is sticky, or there is foreign matter such as gravel in the oil).


Third, lifting platform tires: We all know that tires are rubber products, and for rubber products, it is unavoidable that is the occurrence of aging problems. Since the lifting freight elevator has a certain weight, stopping on the ground will definitely cause a certain compression on the contact surface of the tire, causing certain deformation. If you stop at the same place for a long time and do not move, it is likely to cause excessive deformation in a certain part. It is recommended to use the lifting platform boom to support or periodically move to reduce the pressure on the tire to prevent deformation and aging.


Fourth, the lifting platform line, long-term no lifting platform correct way to turn off the power switch, to prevent the mouse bite the wire caused by short-circuited equipment, regular charging, to prevent battery loss caused by damage, we should thoroughly check whether the line is normal before the next use.