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What is the function of the folding arm lift?
- Jan 21, 2019 -

The knuckle lift lifts up and out of the working range and has convenient hauling capabilities. Provides the best operational performance in the industry and the flexibility to reach construction sites in a variety of locations. With its light weight and versatile operation, it is the ideal machine for use in crowded construction sites and is favored by contractors, maintenance workers and painters. Special features include an automatic leveling system on all models and driving and setup options on the SJC.

Folding Arm Lifts Self-propelled: A variety of lifting functions are available, with a choice of up, forward and span lifting capabilities, including two and four wheel drives; rough ground configuration; narrow models with standard double doorways Gasoline / liquefied gas, diesel, electric, dual energy; models from 7.9 meters to 20.1 meters working height; horizontal extension from 2.4 meters to 10.4 meters.