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Work principle and characteristics of aerial work platform
- Jan 20, 2018 -

First, the principle Aerial work platform products in accordance with the work into the crank arm aerial work platform, scissors aerial work platform, mast-style aerial work platform, straight-arm aerial work platform. Aerial work platform is a folding arm lift (lifting platform), scissor lift (lifting platform) replacement product. Can be widely used in stations, docks, airports, hotels, post and telecommunications, municipal gardens, grain depots, cleaning companies, public building facade decoration, decoration or installation and maintenance of power systems and so on. The lifter has the advantages of light weight, self-propelled, electrically activated, self-supporting legs, simple operation and large working area, especially capable of working at high altitude across obstacles.

1, aerial work platform is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises plant maintenance, municipal construction, hotel decoration, reliable quality, perfect performance.

2, the user can choose according to their own use of power mode and configuration: ① power system are: battery DC power supply, single-phase or three-phase power, diesel engine. ② walking: aided self-propelled, two-wheel traction, self-driving, and car modification. ③ outriggers: mechanical outriggers, hydraulic outriggers, ordinary hand-cranked outriggers, pull-out outriggers. ④ control system: explosion-proof electric control system, remote control system, PIC control system. ⑤ hydraulic pump station: lifting platform for domestic pump station, the Italian import pumping station ⑥ outside the protection device: organ hood, mesh, iron sealed.

Second, the use of aerial work platforms widely used in automobiles, containers, mold manufacturing, wood processing, chemical filling and other industrial enterprises and production lines, to meet the lifting needs of different operations at the same time can be equipped with various types of tabletop (such as ball , With a variety of control methods (moving, linkage, explosion), with steady and accurate lift, frequent start, load capacity and so on, effectively solve the various types of industrial enterprises in the lifting operations Difficulties, so easy to make homework. Aerial work platform is mainly through the hydraulic oil pressure transmission in order to achieve the function of the lift, it scissor mechanical structure, lift lift with high stability, large work platform and high carrying capacity, the aerial work area Larger, and suitable for many people at the same time homework. It makes high-altitude operations more efficient, more secure security.