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Gear Rack Drive Lift
- Sep 25, 2017 -

Can transport people and goods. Mainly by the tower, fencing, compartments, driving devices, control systems, add joints, safety devices and lifting system components.

① Tower

A pipe truss structure consisting of several standard segments. In order to ensure the stability of the tower, every certain height (about $number meters) with the attachment rod with the building connection. The rack section is fitted with rack and rail racks.

② compartments and fences

The carriage is a container for carrying people or cargo, and the enclosure is a device for enclosure and tower, located at the bottom of the tower. Mechanical-electrical interlock for door and fence doors. When the compartment is lowered into the enclosure, the door automatically opens and the door closes automatically when it rises. To ensure that the operation is secure. The bottom of the fence is equipped with a spring buffer. To prevent the car from impact, to ensure that the shutdown is stable.

③ Drive Device

Located in the compartment, by the motor, reducer and gear rack composition. REDUCER output shaft end of the gear, out of the machine compartment, and fixed in the rack on the rack meshing, with the car up and down operation. The machine compartment has a control system, the operator can also run randomly. The section device is arranged at the top of the compartment and is a manual or mobile small jib type crane. In addition, the cabin rose to a certain distance from the top of the tower, the use of cranes to add the standard section hanging to the top of the tower, in place fixed after the completion of the operation. In order to ensure the safe operation of the elevator, a speed limiting braking device, a travel limit switch and a door protection switch are provided.

Compared with the simple elevator, the gear-rack-driven elevator has the advantages of high height, fast erection speed, safe and reliable, and dual-purpose goods, which are widely used in construction, especially in high-rise building construction.