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High-scissors Lift Platform Operating Equipment Safety Rules
- Jan 26, 2018 -

Due to its scissor mechanical structure, the high-scissor lift platform greatly improves the stability of the lift, and has a large work platform and a higher carrying capacity, making it applicable to a wider range of applications in high-altitude operations and suitable for multi-person operations.

With the development of science and technology, its use is also more and more widely. Construction, civil engineering, and even people's daily life are inseparable from the high-scissors lifts and empty work platforms. The more we pay attention to the more widely used equipment for aerial work, There are also many unsafe factors in its use, which requires that we must learn common sense to eliminate or reduce these accidents.

1. The requirements of the user: the use of high-shears lift workbench personnel must wear full body harness. During the ascent and descent of the truck, the seat belt system is hung to the platform, the basket or the hanging point made by the manufacturer. When the scissors aerial work platform lifts to the working height, the safety belt is no longer tied to the scissors aerial work platform, should be hung to other structures with reliable hanging point, if there is no reliable hanging point, should be used wire rope Hanging on the steel beam or concrete beam, and the seat belt system linked to the wire rope ring.

2. Machinery in use and maintenance:

(1) The lifting mechanism is made of high strength manganese steel. Has to prevent the lifting platform overload safety protection device. There is a safety valve to prevent rupture of the hydraulic line. Emergency power down device with a power outage. The product is suitable for all sectors of high altitude equipment installation, maintenance and other mobility of aerial work.

(2) The driving mode is hydraulic drive. The built-in type traveling reducer integrated with imported motor and reducer is adopted directly. It has two speeds of fast and slow speed to meet the traveling requirements of vehicles in different environments. When traveling on a ramp, the running gear has a self-braking function, and a clutch device is also provided to facilitate towing when a fault occurs. The steering mechanism uses a hydraulic cylinder-driven linkage steering mechanism.