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Hydraulic Lifting Platform Fault Hidden Factors
- Jan 15, 2018 -

First of all, the establishment of a fixed vehicle maintenance responsibility system, in strict accordance with the requirements of peacekeeping maintenance, and implement the appropriate assessment system. Secondly, in addition to carrying out the regular maintenance regulations, it emphasizes the timely detection and resolution of some humble problems so as to prevent them from getting in the balance. 1d This requires regular mechanical butter, add electrolyte, add lubricants, add water, tire gas, which should be added to the hydraulic part of the hydraulic oil on time, plug the run, run, drip, drain and so on, so that machinery and equipment often in good condition State, keep the vehicle clean inside and outside, to ensure good sight.

Illegal operation, not only directly damage the aerial work vehicles, but also serious personal injury. 03011 high altitude car, because usually do not follow the rules of operation, in the rise of large and small arm, for the convenience of the map, often super-angle use, the arm angle in the arm and the scope of greater than 70 degrees in the construction operation, the result, once in too Yu Road During the construction of the arm waist fold, resulting in the decline of the arm at work, as well as the weight of the lifting bucket load, the product load limit for the time 25OKg, practice has proved that the limit load is not static, after a few Years of use, supporting the relevant components of the bucket due to material wear and tear, reduced tensile strength, decreased welding strength, lifting the bucket to reduce the annual load, in general, according to an annual reduction of 5 kg.