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Lifting Table
- Sep 25, 2017 -

A lifting platform is a lifting mechanism that transports people or things vertically. Also refers to in the factory, automatic warehouse and other logistics systems to carry out vertical equipment, the lifting platform is often equipped with a variety of plane conveyor, as a different height of the conveyor line connecting device. Generally used hydraulic drive, it is called the hydraulic lifting table. In addition to the delivery of goods as a different height, widely used in High-altitude installation, maintenance and other operations. The characteristics of free take-off and landing of lifting table are now widely used in municipal maintenance, wharf, Logistics Center cargo transport, building decoration, such as the installation of car chassis, battery chassis, such as the freedom to walk, the work of the height of space has also changed, with light weight, walk, electric start-up, self support legs, simple operation, large operating surface, Can surmount the obstacle to carry on the altitude 360 degrees free rotation advantage.

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