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Manual Hydraulic Stacker Common Troubleshooting
- Jan 23, 2018 -

Lizuo recently for everyone finishing some manual hydraulic stacker common troubleshooting summary, I hope we can use the process for everyone to provide some exclusion.

SymptomsCause AnalysisMethod of exclusion
Crawl climb up to less than the highestLack of hydraulic oil There is air in the hydraulic systemAdd enough oil to enhance the cylinder exhaust
Fork does not riseNo hydraulic oil in the airAdd enough oil to exclude air
Oil is not clean, there are debris or iron filings, rubber broken skinClean the hydraulic mechanism re-join the clean hydraulic oil, remove debris
Fork carriage can not naturally slip when emptyRoller and bearing debris, stuckCleaning, remove debris, replace the grease or replace the bearing
leakageSeals worn or damaged, parts cracked or wornReplacement of new seals, inspection and replacement of new parts