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Scissor Lift Presentation
- Jan 10, 2018 -

Scissor lifts are a versatile range of special equipment for aerial work. Its scissor mechanical structure, the lifting platform lift has a higher stability, large work platform and high carrying capacity, so that a greater range of high-altitude operations, and suitable for many people at the same time homework. It makes work more efficient, safer and more secure.


Scissor lift classification

Scissor lifts are divided into: fixed scissor lifts, mobile scissor lifts, self-scissor lifts, car scissor lifts, manual towing scissor lifts, cargo scissor lifts.


Fixed lift

It is mainly used for lifting and transporting cargoes between buildings and floors. The products are mainly used for transporting cargoes between various working floors and lifting the car between the three-dimensional garage and the underground garage. Hydraulic system products set anti-fall, overload safety devices, floors and workstations can be set to operate buttons to achieve multi-point control. Product structure, solid, large load, smooth movements, lift installation and maintenance is simple and convenient, is an economical alternative low-floor elevator ideal cargo conveying equipment. According to the lifting platform installation environment and the use of requirements, choose a different optional configuration, can achieve better results.