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Scissor Lifts In The Winter How To Maintain?
- Jan 25, 2018 -

The weather and temperature of each season is not the same, single-scissor lifts maintenance and maintenance is not the same, in winter, the weather will be relatively cold, the temperature is relatively low, easy to make single-scissor lifts appear welding cracks, unfused , Organizational deterioration and other undesirable phenomena.

Therefore, it is necessary to make more and better maintenance measures on the single-lift lifts in winter as follows:

First, a reasonable choice of low-temperature single scissor lifts steel: at low temperatures, the main force components of the material not only to meet the strength requirements, but also must meet the requirements of impact toughness. Low-temperature components of the welded structure of the welding heat stress, stress concentration and so have a great influence, it should choose the structure of Taiwan's form.

 Second, the rational choice of hydraulic oil, lubricating grease and diesel oil: single-scissor lifts Aerial lift truck leg lifting system and lifting operations winch luffing, slewing and telescopic movements by the hydraulic oil as the working medium transmission power . Viscosity of hydraulic oil is crucial, the viscosity is too high, the system frictional resistance increases, the pressure loss increases, the oil temperature rise too fast, the operation lags behind; viscosity is too low, the pump volume and efficiency is low, poor lubrication, parts Friction between sports friction increases. The viscosity of hydraulic oil changes with the working temperature, so the choice of low temperature hydraulic oil should pay special attention.

Third, lubricating oil, gearbox, transfer case, transaxle, winch, slewing mechanism operating at low temperatures, single shear lube oil should be selected high viscosity index, low pour point, good lubrication of gear oil , Otherwise it will lead to significantly lower transmission efficiency, increased transmission wear parts, gearbox and transfer case heavy operation, shift difficult.