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Stationary Lifts
- Sep 25, 2017 -

is a good lifting stability, the application of a wide range of goods lifting equipment is mainly used in the production line between the height of the freight transport, material on-line, the off-line, workpiece assembly adjustment of the height of the workpiece, high feeder feeding machine, large-scale equipment assembly lifting; Warehouse loading and unloading site and forklift trucks, such as supporting the rapid loading and unloading of goods. According to the requirements of the use, the accessory device can be configured to carry out any combination, such as the safety protection device of the stationary elevator, the mode of electrical control, the form of work platform and the form of power. The correct choice of various configurations, can maximize the function of the elevator, to achieve the best use effect.

Optional configuration of stationary lifts with artificial hydraulic power, easy to connect with the surrounding facilities of the activities of the flip-board, rolling or motorized roller, to prevent the safety of the rolling foot, organ-type safety shield, human or mobile rotary worktable, hydraulic flip table, prevent the whereabouts of the elevator safety support rods, stainless steel safety nets, Electric or hydraulic lift walking power system, universal ball table. Fixed-type lifts do not have a fixed size standard and are fully tailored to the customer's needs. and select the appropriate optional configuration according to the technical parameters of customer requirements. To achieve a better use effect. Stationary lifts are generally installed in the pits, which is convenient for loading and unloading goods and saving space for convenience and beauty.