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Sunseeker First Used Hydraulic Lifting Platform
- Jan 16, 2018 -

Sunseeker's newly launched Manhattan70 adhering to the Sunseeker has always been the elegant luxury and superior performance, designed to make breakthroughs, unique design of the living room has a more split-layer sense of space. Three-tier structure of the hull smooth lines, the perfect ratio of segmentation, cross-penetration curve, very dynamic. Double deck design, so that players can enjoy driving pleasure. Manhattan70 hydraulic lifting platform can have four options, the maximum speed up to 34 knots, showing a strong driving force. As the largest and newest in the series, the Manhattan 70 innovates with a wider hull to create greater interior and exterior spaces. Equipped with a variety of open-air leisure and recreation facilities on the horizon, the comfortable sofa can accommodate up to ten people, a full range of hydraulic lifting platform, ice maker, grill, etc., and another table allows everyone to enjoy Food.

Manhattan70 hydraulic lift platform design distinctive, carried out the functional area, a unique split-level living room design greatly improves the utilization of space, people feel unobtrusive, to achieve the spatial extent. The aft platform is undoubtedly the perfect place to enjoy the cozy sea breeze at night. The yacht tail hydraulic platform using sea-water platform allows players to swim at any time, enjoy the cool sea water. Sunseeker, like her name-only charisma, always chases after the sun's warriors. It is filled with enthusiasm and unrestrained courage to explore the sea. It has been moving forward day by day and taking us to the most beautiful scenery and the most splendid state of mind .